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Milwaukee’s lakefront has experienced a renaissance with the development of great works such as the Calatrava and Discovery World. Milwaukee’s next great lakefront attraction, and tourist destination, is getting ready to open its doors to the public for the first time ever .

Lighthouses summon people to leave the doldrums of their land lives and to experience the past as it was experienced by the Light Keepers, men and women who braved the challenges of the seas to keep the harbors, channels, and pathways, safe for the mariners returning from their travails.

Lighthouses are goldmines of history, helping citizens understand their past, their heritage. The great city of Milwaukee was birthed on the banks of Lake Michigan, but fed by the Milwaukee River. Soon canals were built to expand this important natural resource and to entice more naval traffic.

Now, though commerce has passed thru the age of rail, highway, and air, the waters still calls people to sit back, reflect, and enjoy the peacefulness of a calm day, or to endure the fury of a tempest. In storm or in subdued waters, the lighthouse stands fixed, continuing to shine as it has for almost a hundred years.

Today, we can help people experience this previously hidden gem just offshore the vast city. A few minutes by boat, but an eternity away from the cares of day to day life.

Nomination to National Register of Historic Places

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